Full Novice Set

A full Apprentice set

Apprentice armor is the most basic of the Ars Magica armors. It offers protection equivalent to Leather Armor, but also adds added protection from magical attacks.


Apprentice armor is designed to be mana stable around magic level 6 with a full set. If damaged, it will drain mana from the wearer at a rate of 0.028 per tick per piece worn in order to repair itself. With a full suit with damage, your mana will be draining at a rate of 2.27 mana per second.

Added BonusesEdit

As with every Ars Magica armor set, the Apprentice armor will repair itself, but only at the cost of mana. The trade off, however, is that one hit costs five durability to the armor, meaning that it will last a shorter amount of time, assuming no repair takes place. The armor regenerates itself by infusing the damaged area with the raw essence that you produce. It will absorb approximately 2 of your mana points to regenerate one durability mark. Apprentice armor also provides added protection against magical damage, making it worth the materials.