Basic Plague Sword

Basic Plague Sword

The Plague Swords are crafted using Plague Gems, Plague Orbs, and schematics of ranging tiers.

Sword TiersEdit

There are two tiers for each sword, as well as a basic recipe.

  • The Tier 1 sword is crafted using a tier one schematic, a Plague Orb, Plague Gems, and a basic Plague Sword.
  • Tier 2 swords require a tier two schematic, three Plague Orbs, Plague Gems, and a tier 1 Plague Sword. 
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Sword AttributesEdit

The Plague Sword has a chance to cause blindness on targets that it strikes. Each sword also has a blood level that increases with the damage you deal. Each point of damage equals one point of blood.

  • The basic Plague Sword starts with three damage and a 10% chance to cause blindness. Its blood level can increase to 500, so after 500 points of damage it is fully charged. When fully charged, its damage increases to six and has a 20% chance to cause blindness.
  • Tier 1 Swords start with five damage and 20% chance to cause 
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    Tier 2 Plague Sword

    blindness. Fully charged they deal ten damage and 40% chance to blind.
  • Tier 2 Swords start with nine damage and a 30% chance to blind. At full capacity they deal eighteen damage per hit with a 60% chance to blind the target. 

There is currently no way to repair the Plague Sword.