LWJGL (Light Weight Java Game Library) Is an OpenGL binding for java and is used by Minecraft to render 3D, sound, and input. The latest stable version (As of writing) is 2.9.0, though Minecraft by default comes with 2.4.2.

When and Why it Should be Updated

Updating LWJGL may fix or help many common problems including:

  • Common continuous crash(esp. on Windows OS)
  • Fix for Mac "cannot get JAWT interface" error.
  • May fix some sound bugs or failures.
  • May fix some input bugs(ie. stuck keys, ghost mouse)
  • Possible performance increase

It is generally recommended to update it when ever using mods as it will rule out it being a source of problems.

Manual Updating

Download the latest stable release ( , then extract the .zip file using Win-Rar or 7-Zip.

Find your Scourgecraft directory:

   Mac OSX:~/Library/Application Support/technic/scourgecraft/

Make sure to back-up your.technic/scourgecraft folder before proceeding!

Replace the these files in .technic/scourgecraft/bin/ with these files in lwjgl-X.X.X/jar :

  • jinput.jar
  • lwjgl.jar
  • lwjgl_util.jar

Next navigate to .technic/scourgecraft/bin/natives and replace the contents with all the contents of lwjgl/natives/<Your OS>/ (If using Mac make a second copy of openal.dylib. and rename it libopenal.dylib)

Alternatively Debian-like Linux systems May use the command-line:

sudo apt-get install liblwjgl-java

Automated Updating

For automated updating of Scourgecraft's lwjgl files, one can download this simple to use custom program here: